New Piece: Hanami


Check out my other Tea works for more art pieces made of Tea.


Got a Ko-fi~!!

So I got one of my goals accomplished for this April~!! >w< >w<
Ko-Fi is a great platform that I wanted to try out for a while, and I am super happy to be part of it now. At the moment, I like it better than Patreon because there is no monthly commitment on followers. In additions, Creators get 100% of the funds that is given be the donors. I am not frowning down on Patreon, mind you, I just believe in my current status as an emerging artist, a large commitment as Patreon would be hard and Ko-Fi gives me more lay back.
If you enjoy my work and perhaps would like to support me with at least a simple cup of coffee, (or maybe a cup of tea~) your support is greatly appreciate it~!!

Goals of April 2019

Hello everyone~.
I hope that you are all well and having a good day. I know I have been inactive, but I will from now on do my best to be more active. I have been in a sort of rut ever since I graduated, but I am tired of being inactive. I have some goals that I as an emerging artist and creator want to fulfill. I wanted to share this with others who might possibly be feeling the same way, and encourage everyone to do their best~!! I will be making a list of goals in the beginning of every month and every week give an update of my progress.
So, here are some of my Goals for this April 2019:

  • Make two Tea Works.
  • Make at least one small oil painting.
  • Create commission pages for for both painting and illustrations.
  • Submit application to one exhibition.
  • Create a KO-Fi page.

I know I have other goals that are slipping through my mind, but this is a good start, no?
I wish luck to all and keep moving forward!! I know it is hard but it will all be worth it~!!




My name is Eloisa Gallegos Hernandez. Welcome to my artist website. All my work is located in the Menu, organized by types of art. Take a look at everything and hope you enjoy~!!