MOCA GA Exhibition

I had great fortune to have been chosen to be part of a group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia! It is called Celebrating Georgia Artists of Hispanic/Latinx Origin. Unfortunately, due to the situation brought by the COVID-19, the exhibition was not was not able to take place. On the other hand, MOCA GA wonderfully accumulated all the artists’ artwork and information where everyone can enjoy from their own location. Link to MOCA GA’s website to the exhibition is here so you can see all the other artists. Hope you enjoy!!

Got a Ko-fi~!!

So I got one of my goals accomplished for this April~!! >w< >w<
Ko-Fi is a great platform that I wanted to try out for a while, and I am super happy to be part of it now. At the moment, I like it better than Patreon because there is no monthly commitment on followers. In additions, Creators get 100% of the funds that is given be the donors. I am not frowning down on Patreon, mind you, I just believe in my current status as an emerging artist, a large commitment as Patreon would be hard and Ko-Fi gives me more lay back.
If you enjoy my work and perhaps would like to support me with at least a simple cup of coffee, (or maybe a cup of tea~) your support is greatly appreciate it~!!


My name is Eloisa Gallegos Hernandez. Welcome to my artist website. All my work is located in the Menu, organized by types of art. Take a look at everything and hope you enjoy~!!